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Founders and directors of Dive Africa, Yue Chi and David Visagie are worldwide adventure travellers. Along with a dive professional team, we would like to invite you to come and unveil the underwater world together!

Yue & David

Yue Chi and David Visagie

Founders of Dive Africa

Both are worldwide adventure travellers and enthusiastic divers.

Diving, either scuba or freedive, is no longer a remote sport limited to a selected few. More and more adventurous people are now daring to explore the world under the sea. When descending below the surface, you will be totally astonished by a different space filled with colour, life, and beauty.


General Manager
Advanced diver and Certified Compressor Operator

As enthusiastic and experienced divers, we have established “Dive Africa” to introduce and organize your dives around the African continent. The coastline of Africa is full of opportunities for divers to explore, and there are some of the best dive sites on earth! Based in Durban, South Africa, the famous Aliwal Shoal and beautiful Sodwana Bay are within reasonable distances.


PADI Dive Instructor

From South Africa’s Indian Ocean to Tanzania, Mozambique, and Madagascar’s less travelled islands, our team will organize all logistics, guided dive tours and training with support of local professionals. 

Aside from diving, we are absolutely passionate about Africa, this magical continent, with its people, culture marine and wildlife. Join us and we will make your dreams come true!


Social Media Administrator


Manager at Sizakala Camp, Bangha Nek
Advanced scuba diver and free diver

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